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A total of 19 cracks occurred, two of which occurred in Gaeseong.


It occurred in 17 places; the highest level was about 80 in two areas.


Relatively low occurrence of cracks, and five places where they were initially discovered.

Moreover, since most of the incidents occurred near Seoul, the damage was less than at other times.


Although it is said to be less than other times, the death toll has exceeded 600.


The area protected by the Aegis Guild had 0 casualties because cracks were discovered in advance, and an excellent workforce was placed at the entrance of the cracks.


Cracks near the headquarters buildings of Jung-gu, Seoul, and Geumhwa, Incheon, protected by Daehan, also resulted in zero casualties.


Cracks occurred once or twice a year, and many facilities were destroyed in the cracked area.


However, in modern times, construction wizards could simply rebuild the facility, so there was minor property damage.


It was only necessary that no one died, but more than 600 people were killed, and although most of them were in the normal category, South Korea declared three days of national mourning.


The airing of entertainment programs was banned, and documentaries about the rift and programs about the people who were active in the rift were spread during the ban.


Said the presenter.


“First, let’s look at the crack in the Newren Building.

It was the first rift hit by the Aegis Guild, becoming a regional guild, but there was no damage to Songpa.

How was this possible”


As if waiting, the guest sitting next to me answered.


“Because they were both found early.

Besides, Master Lee Jun-woo’s performance, in particular, stood out.

Because it alone contributed 52% to the rift.

Even in Rifts above level 80.”


“Are more than 50% too difficult”



Above all, it’s difficult to build that much contribution alone at level 80 Rift.

He didn’t stop the rift alone because hundreds of people were there.

Attacking together and alone 52% What is this… It showed the world that we are different.”


“Some say it’s because people with excellent anti-aircraft skills weren’t there, right”


“What… It must have been because Lee Mina, who belongs to the Aegis Guild, or unique archers Jeongsu Oh, Bohyun Park, etc., were not there.

Even then, 52% of the Time, that makes no sense.”


“Shall we learn a bit about how we were able to contribute 52% and Master Junwoo Lee’s skill”


They started the story about the crack and continued the story about Jun-woo.


Not only them but also news, articles, YouTube, etc.

All the focus was on Lee Jun-woo.


Jun-woo’s battle was revealed to the world by a battle video that someone took on a distant rooftop.


Four cannonball robots intercepted the birds, and two silver robots drove the birds.


In addition, Jun-woo fired a cannon that seemed to have been used by artillerymen in the past.


And when the black harpy threw fireballs at people, there was also a scene where Jun-woo threw himself to block it.


“Hey, look at that.

Did you see him throwing himself to block it”


“There was a lot of talk about that skill.

Is it warp, a skill book worth 600 billion gold”


“Perhaps it is You are a person who earns a lot of gold.

He earns a lot of gold, gives as much as he does, and protects the citizens.

What is this, what a hero, a hero.”


The executive of the Freedom Guild there cheered up Yang Jun-woo, who was even a fan.


However, even if he did not have to praise him, the news and other media were busy praising Jun-woo as Korea’s new hero.


However, Jun-woo, the actual party, was making a new mana cannon designed by himself in the underground workshop, not caring what they said.


It was a mana cannon modified to be used with both arms down like a portable Gatling gun rather than hanging over the shoulder.


And because Junwoo’s blueprint skill was applied, the effect was slightly better than the previous one.


“Oh right.”


It wasn’t the first mana gun he made suddenly, but for a moment, Jun-woo felt like he should have made a golden color to be used in the auction.


Jun-woo smiled mischievously and took the pose of the mana prisoner he had made, put it in the item window, and looked at the two mana cannons alternately.


The effect was a little better with the new style, but the first thing he made was a crafted item with a blueprint given to him, so considering the additional attack power of 10, it was a disappointing part to sell.


However, it was worth more than 90 billion gold not to sell and own, and he felt uncomfortable using it, so Jun-woo took a video intending to sell it if anyone wanted to buy it.


Jun-woo took a scene of using two mana guns himself and posted it on the website.


It was a video of using it considering the fear of complaining because it was a weapon he sold.

After all, it was inconvenient to use.


Along with the video, a sale article on Mana Cane was posted on the website, and a message immediately said that Mana Cane could only be used with a firearm-only passive.


The expensive blueprint items that Junwoo sold were not in the world, so they naturally had a premium, and several competed for price.


Jun-woo was thinking of waiting for the price they called for a day.


No one would openly say anything about selling expensively.


Next, Jun-woo thought of a dedicated flying car to ride.


A flying car that opened so that someone could drive a car and shoot mana cannon while standing in the passenger seat came to mind.


For this to be possible, someone had to drive it, but Jun-woo seemed like a golem could do it for him.


Jun-woo came out of the Aegis building to put it into action, took out a flying car, sat in the passenger seat, and put a humanoid golem that fits his body perfectly in the driver’s seat.


‘Switch, press, accelerator, right.’


Golem acted according to Jun-woo’s will.


A flying car came to mind, and Jun-woo sat in the passenger seat and adjusted the golem at will.


The flying car drove without any problems, and Jun-woo came down to the Aegis building with a satisfied smile and got out of the vehicle.


‘I can’t convey my will to the flying car alone… ….’


With a lot of curiosity, Jun-woo was collecting the golem when he heard Yoshimura’s voice from behind.


“Are you going to have the golem drive you now”


Eumeria was standing next to Yoshimura.



Be careful.”


The two were on their way to investigate the waterfall reported by informant 1.


“Hey, hey, there’s something special going on.

Now, shall we go”


“I’ll go, Master.”


Jun-woo nodded his head lightly.


Eumeria took out the flying car, and the two got into the car.


Yoshimura, who was sitting in the passenger seat, said implicitly.


“Have you studied the hidden cave”


“Of course, I did.”


It was Eumeria, a book famous explorers wrote about their overnight experiences.


“It’s not something you can find by studying.

Like me, I need intuition, experience, or something like that.”


“Pretending to be good… ….”


Yoshimura asked, looking at Eumeria with a sly grin.


“Before going together, I have a question for you.

Can I ask you”


“Please go ahead.”


“I heard that the homunculus thinks of the person who made it as a human being at the level of their parents.

So do you”


“I don’t know what it feels like to be a parent, but he is my precious master.”


“So… Well… If I tell you to die, will you die”


“You’re not the one who should give me such order.”


“So that’s an example.”



The master’s will decides our lives.”


“What do you mean”


“I hate to explain.”


Yoshimura looked at Eumeria as if wondering and nodded.


“You mean Lewis can stop you at any time It seems that it is true that the creators reap the mana of the homunculus.”


“Think of it.”


“And don’t you wonder about you”


“What do you mean”


“No, there are speculations that usually humanoid soul stones are people from a destroyed world.

Leon was an Earthling, but you weren’t Aren’t you curious about where you lived and who you were”


“I’m not curious at all.”


“Really It’s nice to be calm.

If it were me, I would be curious.”


Yoshimura was still curious about Eumeria, a homunculus.


The two moved in a flying car and stood in front of the cool waterfall they had gone to the other day.


Yoshimura said as if explaining.


“There is a high probability that the disappearing caves appear and disappear at different times.

According to the informant, it was between 2 and 4 o’clock.

Let’s see.”


Yoshimura picked up a large stone on the floor and threw it towards the white waterfall.


The stone, which had gone into the waterfall, hit the wall, split in half, and partly bounced off.


Said it over and over again.


“Isn’t it there now”


Eumeria looked around.


Her eyes rolled quickly because she had learned various methods, such as moving the location of a stone somewhere or catching a monster.


However, no terrain with special features existed, and no monsters were there.


The two looked around the waterfall for a while, and Yoshimura, who had been wandering inside the waterfall, came out and made an awkward expression.


“Did you mean to come with a professional”


It was Yoshimura scratching the nape of his neck.


* * *


Meanwhile, Jun-woo was looking into the secret map he got yesterday.


The secret map could open a portal to a unique hunting ground.


When you enter, you can get a reward through a quest, and it seems that you can stay there for up to 24 hours.


Jun-woo briefly told Jeong Hye-Yeon, then went to the underground workshop and used the secret map.


[Secret Map: Harpy’s Rift] [Belonged]


-Class: Unique


-Level limit: 83 or higher


-Effect: Using the map opens a portal to Harpy’s Canyon.


A portal opened in a blue, heterogeneous space as the scroll emitted light.


It was a door that only the user could enter.


Jun-woo went inside immediately.


[Harpy’s Gorge]


Stone mountains could be seen everywhere in the dry, earth-colored wilderness.


Even from a distance, a flock of blackbirds was so far away that you could see a flock of black crows sitting on the stone mountain.


[Quest has occurred.]


[After 24 hours, you disappear from here.

When you return to the exit portal, the portal disappears.]


Jun-woo opened the quest window.


[Harpy’s Gorge]


-Method: If you catch 300 crows, you can get one bonus stat.



-Method: If you kill 200 harpies, you can get one bonus stat.



-Method: If you catch 100 griffons, you can get a bonus stat of 2.



-How to: If you catch the Harpy Queen, you can get a bonus stat of 2.



-Method: If you catch more than 90% of the monsters in Harpy’s Rift, you will get a three-bonus stat.



-Method: If you acquire the floating stone of the floating island, you can get three bonus stats.



He read the Quest and raised his head.


There was an island floating in the distant sky.


It was a distant location at a glance, so it was difficult to get to if you couldn’t fly.


It looked like he had to entice the griffins here to fly, but it wasn’t too tricky for Jun-woo to fly.


Without the terrain, it was impossible to generate the buoyancy of the flying car, so I made a bird with a self-destructive robot and rode it there.


Catch 90% of the monsters required by the Quest.


Jun-woo hurriedly ran through the wilderness and summoned two defensive robots.


Then he tried to take out the golem, but a phrase similar to the one that occurred at the dungeon gate came to mind.


[Items that contain soul stones cannot be used here!]


Jun-woo, who gave up taking out the golem, controlled the defense robot.


The two defense robots stretched out to either side and jumped heavily.


Seeing something twinkling in the sky, the crow and the harpy from the stone mountain flew in unison and flapped their wings towards the defensive robot.




Jun-woo installed four cannonball robots, lifted mana cannons at an angle, and fired at Crow in the distance.




A bird fell when hit by a powerful energy bullet.


And the defensive robot led a flock of about 20 birds and ran to Jun-woo.


Jun-woo fired a self-destruct robot at them.


A black, round self-destructive bird entered among the birds, frantically chasing the defensive robot, and caused a massive explosion.




A flock of birds was caught up in the explosion and scattered everywhere.


A cannonball robot fired missiles at them, and a defense robot cleared them up with fists and kicks.


Then, another defense robot was sent away, and a self-destruct robot was thrown at the monster swarm the other was bringing.


Perhaps because of the provocation level, it was a defensive robot that led the birds very well.




Jun-woo didn’t know, but the hunting method Jun-woo does was similar to hunting by a hunter who uses wide-area skills to catch monsters when a fast-moving tanker drives demons.


Thanks to such a hunting method, Jun-woo quickly completed the quests here one by one.

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